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Joseph Distefano
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Joe Distefano

Joseph Distefano

Pieces: 23. Nuremberg, Germany

Joseph Distefano earned his BFA at Rochester Institute of Technology and his MFA from Yale University’s School of Art and Architecture. He has extensive teaching experience at Yale University, Virginia Commonwealth University, California College of Arts and in the Sculpture Department of the University of California, Berkeley.

Joseph’s works have been commissioned and collected by numerous public and private collectors including Eastman Kodak Corporation, Kohler Corporation, Voulkos Family Collection, Archdiocese of Oakland, State of California, and City of Sacramento.

His Public Art Commissions include artwork for Hammer Lane Underpass in Stockton, California, “Your Memory Column” at the General Services Administration in the Oakland Federal Building, and the 7’ x 90’ wall-mural at the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission.

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