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Peter K. Eichhorn
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Peter Eichhorn

Peter Eichhorn
Eichhorn Stained Glass
812 E Broadway
Louisville, KY 40204
(502) 584-2320

Pieces: 18. Trier, Germany

Born in Trier, Germany, Peter Eichhorn apprenticed at Binsfeld Glass Studios in his home town. He won several European art glass competitions before coming to the United States to supervise an art glass studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After serving in the U.S. Army, Peter started Fenestra Studios with another artist and later opened his own highly successful and renowned Peter K. Eichhorn Stained Glass Studio in Louisville, Kentucky.

Since starting his own company, some of his commissions have included Grace Baptist in Brooklyn, New Castle Methodist in Delaware, and numerous other sanctuaries (Catholic, Buddhist, and Lutheran, among others), including several synagogues. Peter is proficient in all facets of the art glass industry – painting, staining, beveling, engraving, etching – as well as all aspects of repair and installation.

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