Armelle Le Roux had only a handful of shards and brief stories to give the artists. She wanted each one to bring his or her own genius to a particular site; she also wanted each to understand the collection as a whole.

Remembered Light is a collection of twenty-five art pieces produced by Atelier Le Roux using shards collected during WWII from various bombed sites by the late Frederick McDonald. Each piece includes a transcript from the chaplain's memory of the specific location and events related to it. The unaltered glass fragments and the narratives have been transcended by 13 artists to convey the idea of being a witness of the era one experiences leading to the universal longing for Peace.

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Most of the pieces combine various glass techniques, such as leaded glass, glass painting, enameling, sandblasting, fusing, slumping, silkscreen and lampworking. Other media, such as ceramic, wood, acetate and plexiglas, have also been used.

The collection is displayed as a chronological journey and finds its harmony in the steel easel – like frames and pedestals custom-made for each piece.

The traveling exhibition also includes a 5 minutes introduction video, graphics explaining Fred McDonald’s journey and a booklet of his stories, a lit display case with remaining glass shards and various archives. A catalog has been printed in 3000 copies and is available on request.